Swede Friese Gele - Organic


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Swede Friese Gele Organic
Brassica napus | Quantity: 300 seeds

  • Traditional Variety: Swede Friese Gele, a type of Brassica napus, is a traditional variety known for its golden-yellow flesh and rich, sweet flavor.

  • Culinary Use: Swede Friese Gele is perfect for roasting, mashing, or adding to soups and stews, offering a delicious addition to a variety of savory dishes.

  • Certified Organic: These seeds are certified organic, ensuring they have been grown and harvested without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers.

  • Abundant Harvest: Swede Friese Gele plants produce an abundant harvest of flavorful roots, providing ample fresh produce for your culinary creations.