Giant Granadilla Seeds


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Giant Granadilla
Passiflora quadrangularis | Quantity: 10 seeds

As a House Plant: Transform your indoor space into a lush oasis with the Giant Granadilla - Passiflora quadrangularis. Despite its name, it can be cultivated indoors, offering a unique tropical charm. With its vigorous vines and large, lobed leaves, it adds a touch of exotic beauty to any room. Plant it in a spacious container with well-draining soil and provide ample support for its climbing habit. Place it near a sunny window to ensure it receives plenty of sunlight, and maintain consistent watering to keep the soil evenly moist. While it may not fruit indoors, its lush foliage and delicate flowers make it a captivating addition to your home décor.

As a Garden Plant: Outdoors, the Passiflora quadrangularis thrives in warm, tropical climates, where it can reach impressive lengths and produce large, aromatic fruits. Its vigorous vines climb with gusto, making it ideal for arbors, trellises, or fences. Plant it in well-drained soil enriched with organic matter, and provide a sturdy support structure for its growth. Ensure it receives full sun to partial shade and regular watering to keep the soil consistently moist. With proper care, it rewards gardeners with its abundant foliage, fragrant flowers, and delicious fruits, adding a taste of the tropics to your outdoor space. Whether indoors or outdoors, the Giant Granadilla brings a sense of exotic allure, enriching your surroundings with its vibrant presence.