Cardoon Giant of Romagna - Organic


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Cardoon Giant of Romagna
Cynara cardunculus | Quantity: 30 seeds

  • Giant Variety: Cardoon Giant of Romagna, a cultivar of Cynara cardunculus, is renowned for its large size and impressive stature in the garden.

  • Culinary Use: The edible stems of Cardoon Giant of Romagna are prized in Mediterranean cuisine, cooked or braised, and enjoyed for their artichoke-like flavor.

  • Easy to Grow: Cardoon Giant of Romagna seeds are relatively easy to sow and cultivate, suitable for gardeners of all skill levels, thriving in fertile, well-drained soil with full sunlight.

  • Ornamental Appeal: Beyond its culinary merits, Cardoon Giant of Romagna adds ornamental interest to the garden with its striking foliage and architectural presence.